Top 6 Reasons to Install 3M Auto Tint on Your Vehicle

Here are the top six reasons why you should consider installing auto tint on your vehicle.

Reason No. 1: Lower Heat With 3M Auto Tint

One of the hallmark reasons to install 3M™ Auto Tint on your car is to lower heat. 3M™ Window Film is scientifically proven to reduce heat-producing infrared rays.

Imagine getting into your parked car in the summer months and not experiencing a strong blast of heat. 3M’s auto films are designed to lower temperatures. In fact, a 3M study found the Crystalline Series reduces the heat inside a sedan by up to 47 degrees and inside an SUV by up to 30 degrees.

So, how does that happen? 3M’s Crystalline Series is constructed with 200 layers of nano-technology film. The layers help deflect some of the sun’s undesirable rays – including infrared rays that cause heat. The CR20 version of the film series can block 99 percent of infrared heat – which is the heat you can feel on your arms when driving. In total, the film blocks 64 percent solar energy.

Reason No. 2: Reduce Glare with Auto Tint

Imagine being able to take a leisure drive as either the sun comes up or goes down without worrying which direction you are headed. 3M auto tint can reduce the glare from the sun while you are driving.

AAA reports that some of the most dangerous times to drive is directly into the sun just after sunrise or before sunset. This is because glare is at its worst during those times of the day. Avoid this hazard by having a professional install 3M™ Automotive Window Film on your vehicle’s windshield and other windows.

While all of 3M’s films help with glare reduction, some of the top performing include Crystalline Series’ CR20, which reduces up to 77 percent of the glare, and Ceramic IR Series’ IR5, which reduces up to 93 percent of the glare.

Reason No. 3: 3M Auto Tint Prevents UV Rays

Just as it’s important to wear sunscreen every day, it’s equally important to protect your skin through windows. 3M™ auto tintis designed to offer up to 99.9 percent UV protection.

More than 90 percent of skin cancers are caused by the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that chronic exposure to UVA rays through windows may accelerate aging by 5 to 7 years. 

3M constructs its tints using multiple layers of films, each designed to deflect unwanted effects of the sun. This means the tints are able to reject ultraviolet light, one of the leading causes of skin cancer and of fading. Protect your skin and your vehicle’s interior by installing 3M auto tint.  

Reason No. 4: Add a Layer of Security & Privacy

Rest easy knowing your vehicle – and the people inside – are protected with 3M™ Scotchshield™ Automotive Security Window Film, Crystalline Series

In addition to providing protection from the sun, these films add a layer of security to your windows. The film is designed to hold your window glass together after impact – slowing a thief. While the glass may shatter, the shards are designed to stay intact and not fly. This means these films can also help prevent flying shards during a car accident.

The film’s tensile strength is 25,000 psi and break strength is 100 pounds. The film’s strength helps deter break-ins and adds more time for emergency responders to arrive.

The CRS40 version of the auto security film is designed to reject 56 percent of total solar energy and 99.9 percent of UV rays. The version also offers 98.7 percent infrared rejection and 55 percent glare rejection. Contact a 3M™ Dealer in your community to book an appointment today.

Reason No. 5: Add Style

Get the look you desire with 3M auto tint. Whether it’s “limo tint” or a clear option, 3M™ Automotive Window Film offers a variety of tint shade options that can personalize the look of your vehicle.

In fact, 3M’s state-of-the-art Crystalline™ Series offers seven different tint options that are designed to reject solar energy, offer UV protection, reduce glare and block heat. From CR20, which is a dark film, to CR90, which is a clear option, you can style your ride with the look that you want. 

See how 3M auto tint can transform the look of your vehicle using our tint simulator. You can choose your vehicle make, model and year and then the different tinting options.

Reason No. 6: 3M Auto Tints are Backed by a Strong Warranty

When 3M™ Auto Tint is installed by an authorized 3M dealer, the film is backed by an industry leading warranty. The tint is designed not to bubble, turn purple or peal. 

3M™ Pro Shops are installers who have the highest level of expertise and service with 3M automotive film solutions. Connect with a 3M™ Pro Shop for warranty details and advice on deciding which film is best for you.

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